Physics307L F07:Assignments/Wiki assignment 1

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This is due before Monday. If you have trouble, email Koch, or post a message on the Physics307L F07:Interactions page!

  1. Request an account on OWW (most of you have already done this). To request an account, click here: OpenWetWare:How_to_join
  2. After your account has been approved, log in to OWW and edit your user page. The link for your user page is on the top right of the screen. The purpose here is to get some experience editing the wiki as well as to provide a little background information about yourself (for Koch and others in the class).
  3. Update the Physics307L F07:People page: change the name directly under your photo to have a link to your user page.
  4. Create your e-lab notebook.
    1. Go to the Physics307L F07:People page.
    2. Click on the red link under your photo (___'s page), which will take you to a screen to create the new page.
    3. Add the following to your course page
      ==[[/Notebook|My lab notebook]]==
      and click "Save Page".
    4. Click on the red link "My lab notebook" to create the new Notebook page.
    5. Depending on which day's lab you have do one of the following:
      • Mondays: Add the following text to the page:
        {{Subst:Notebook 307L 2007F Mondays}}
      • Wednesdays: Add the following text to the page:
        {{Subst:Notebook 307L 2007F Wednesdays}}
    6. Click "Save Page." The funky thing above will add a bunch of links to pages for each day of the course.