Physics307L:Schedule/Week 6 agenda/Uncertainties

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Steve Koch 11:31, 4 October 2010 (EDT): In 2010, Koch was absent for lecture and both lab sessions due to a nasty cold / bronchitis.

2009 Below

Key today: Need to assign some uncertainty to every reported measurement

Rough estimates are a great start! (and sometimes only way)

Probability density functions -> Cumulative distribution functions

Central limit theorem review

Central limit theorem part II

Mean +/- standard error of the mean

aka "standard error", "standard deviation of the mean"

From a collection of measurements

What is the best estimate of the "true value"?

What is the best estimate of the standard deviation of the parent distribution?

What is the best estimate of the standard error of the mean?

Central Limit Theorem Part II

  • Central limit theorem (I): (Last week) distribution of averaged measurments ... (II): distribution of single measurement as a result of a bunch of small, independent, random errors.

Significant figures

Example: Matthew and Zane

Example: Jesse and Kyle

Example: Bradley, Nik, Linh, Cary

Example: Brian, Antonio, Anne, Matthew

Example:Lorenzo and Tomas

Example:Erron and Mike