Physics307L:Schedule/Week 12 agenda

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  • Open questions
  • Discussion of grading and formal report
    • Winter break
  • Error propagation
    • Group work: example with two measured means w/ uncertainty and a converted final value. How to propagate uncertainty?
    • Uncertainty propagation

2010 and earlier stuff

A little bit about Physics education

  • Baseball / Golf analogy
  • Cycling analogy
  • Modeling / Coaching
  • Assessment

How to write a formal report

Introduction to scientific journals

Physical Review Letters (PRL), Science, Nature, PNAS, Biophysical Journal, Physical Review E (PRE)

What is required in our report?


Talk about the distinction between Results and Discussion

Writing tips

  1. Write the easiest parts first! Figures and tables are the guts of your report.

Generating PDFs from uniformly distributed random numbers