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Balmer Series


To learn how to calibrate and use the spectrometer to determine the wavelengths of certain spectra to determine the Balmer series and Rydberg constant.


color actual wavelength measured wavelength
red 690.75nm 634nm
yellow 579nm 545nm
yellow 577nm 542nm
green 546.1nm 525nm
violet 435.8nm 422nm


Color Measured Value Actual Wavelength (nm) Actual Wavelength (m) 1/wavelength n Rydberg Constant
red 604 650.5060546 6.50506E-07 1537264.708 3 0.138888889 1.1068306E+07
blue green 466.5 484.927823 4.84928E-07 2062162.558 4 0.1875 1.0998200E+07
violet 421 430.1364809 4.30136E-07 2324843.496 5 0.21 1.1070683E+07
faint violet 400.2 405.0890102 4.05089E-07 2468593.259 6 0.222222222 1.1108670E+07

Rydberg Constant =



And of course the excel file that I have in my notebook is corrupted. Apperantly our calibration data is off but for some reason the values we calculated for the Rydberg constants are within accepted values. I didnt expand the Balmer series as many students did.