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Excitation Levels of Neon

Set up was similar to diagram in manual, except for a reversed collector bias (the battery) and I used the DMM to monitor the anode voltage instead of the collector current. Thats what the alarmed meter is for. I reversed the bias because as it is in the diagram in the manual, the collector current has a falling slope, which is supposed to happen at reverse bias. I figured the battery must be flipped in the diagram.

I can vary the anode voltage from -0.04 V to 31.70 V. How shall I take data? 30 points of data is doable. Start at 0V and go increments of 1V until 30V Be sure to measure what the voltage fed into the filament is, and just for fun, measure the bias.

hmmm 17:32, 7 November 2007 (CST) there are only thirty minutes left. Better leave data collection for next week. next week

Also scan your new circuit diagram. NeonExcDiagram.gif