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Oscilloscope Lab Summary

I worked with Nathan Giannini on this lab. We used the Tektronix TDS 1002 Serial #: UNM JR Lab 004 oscilloscope and the B+K Precision 4017A Serial #: JR Lab FG 002 wave generator. We attached the two together with BNC cables the output of the the wave generator to the channel 1. We had to do several things with this equipment.

1) Measuring the sine wave

2)Explore the triggering functions

3)Measure the AC to DC phase shift

4)Measure the fall time of the oscilloscope

The exact lab procedure that we followed is posted here.

Lab Results

Our exact lab results with no conclusion is posted here. We initially worked with a sine wave at 200 Hz with varying amplitudes. For each of the measure types of the sine wave we obtained very close results between themselves. Each of the three sine waves we measured were close and within 10% of each other. After the three varying sine waves we measured the AC-DC offset and found it at 680.0 microseconds. Lastly we measured the fall time of the oscilloscope, which was the hardest portion of the lab. We initially tried to attach a voltage bridge into the circuit. TA Katie informed us that it would be easier to measure this with out the voltage bridge and helped us to measure the fall time. We measured the fall time to be 22.66 milliseconds after measuring a t1,t2,V1,and V2. All of the data is posted in the above link.


1) We learned the basic workings of both the oscilloscope and the wave generator.

2) We calculated, three times, the voltage of a single sine wave.

3) We did the above mentioned measurements three more times.

4) We measured the AC to DC offset.

5) We lastly measured and calculated the fall time.

I found that the Oscilloscope is extremely accurate in measuring the sine waves. I learned how to work with an oscilloscope better than I had previously.


1) Steve Koch- for good instruction and the expected fall time of the oscilloscope.

2) Katie Richardson- for exemplary aid in the lab on many of the procedure points.

3) Nathan Giannini- for help in the lab and much to do with the lab write up.