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  1. Brief summary of what you did (linking to the lab manual page is OK)
  2. Add links to all wiki pages that contain your notebook entries. This is likely only one page.
  3. Report your value for the fall time using AC coupling.
 The Fall time that I found using AC coupling was t~=52 ms
    • Include error bars!
    • Explain how you measured this (briefly)
 I measured the fall time using the coursor function on the oscillscope. The measure function 
 can be used also but I found it more difficult to use. With the coursor I selected to read 
 off Ch2 and it gives to 'coursors' and using one to measure the max voltage of the signal and
 then use the other to find 10% of that voltage and see where the decaying portion  
 intersected the coursor line. Then I counted the divisions between the edge of the falling/
 decaying graph and where it intersected that second coursor. That was the fall time.
  1. What did you learn?
 I learned how to calculate frequency from the period, or at least it became more clear how to
 do so.
    • It's OK if you didn't learn anything. But include things you are still confusing.
  1. What did you explore outside of the standard lab procedure? Anything interesting?
 I did not explore anything outside of the standard lab procedure due to time constraints.
  1. What could make the lab better next year?
 Possibly more time to play with the oscillscopes and understand how they opperate more.