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1 Brief summary of what you did (linking to the lab manual page is OK) First Paragraph.

2 Add links to all wiki pages that contain your notebook entries. This is likely only one page. My lab notebook

3 Report your value for the fall time using AC coupling. My fall time calculated was 16.88ms however, I found out that I was incorrectly using the cursors to calculate this.

    • Include error bars!
    • Explain how you measured this (briefly)
  1. What did you learn?
see comment
Steven J. Koch 02:39, 11 September 2007 (EDT):It's great that you learned a lot from this lab. It's been a while, so I'm not sure anymore why your measurements were off, but I don't think it was unshielded cables...anyway, we're throwing it out due to human error :) Thanks also for the positive feedback on the lab!

How to use the oscilloscope to obtain certain measurements that may or may not be important to my research. I am no longer confused as to how to figure out the fall time.

    • It's OK if you didn't learn anything. But include things you are still confusing.
  1. What did you explore outside of the standard lab procedure? Anything interesting?

I looked at several other values that people were measuring and then looking at the webpage linked in my notebook about the actual fall time, and then tried to determine where the error was coming from... perhaps unshielded cables?

  1. What could make the lab better next year?

I don't think anything could be improved it was a really good intro lab.