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This is the wiki assignment from prior years

Steve Koch 12:54, 29 August 2011 (EDT): If you would like to use OpenWetWare as your online notebook for the course, you can follow these instructions. As I discussed in class, though, I am recommending switching to Google Docs, or another online option.

This is due before Monday September 5, 2011. The point of this assignment is to get comfortable with basic wiki editing so you can use it effectively during the lab sessions. If you have trouble, email Koch, or post a message on the Physics307L:Interactions page!

Except for a few steps, most of these can be achieved by copying text from some other wiki page and then modifying it for your specific needs. That's a good thing! The easiest way to learn how to do something on the wiki is to browse around to other pages, and then click the "edit" button to see how the page was created.

  1. Request an account on OWW (most of you have already done this). To request an account, click here: OpenWetWare:How_to_join
  2. After your account has been approved, log in to OWW and edit your user page. The link for your user page is on the top right of the screen. The purpose here is to get some experience editing the wiki as well as to provide a little background information about yourself (for Koch and others in the class).
  3. Change your wiki preferences so that you receive email updates when pages on your watchlist are changed
    1. Click on "my preferences" link on the top right of the page.
    2. Under the email sections, choose the checkbox for the "E-mail me when a page on my watchlist is changed" option.
    3. You can "watch" pages by clicking on the "watch" link at the top of any page. Also, any pages you create should be on your watchlist by default unless you change your preferences.
  4. Create your e-lab notebook.
    1. Go to one-click setup
    2. Choose "User" in the drop-down menu
    3. Choose a name for your lab notebook. Something that indicates Junior Lab or Physics 307L would be good.
    4. Click the "submit" button
    5. After clicking submit, you will get a "success!" message. Follow the link to the new notebook page.
    6. Create a link to your notebook on your user page before you forget where it is!
  5. Update the Physics307L:People page
    1. Move your photo to the correct lab day (when you click "edit" you will see how others have done it)
    2. Change the text directly under your photo to have a link to:
      1. Your user page (of the form [[User:Your Name]])
      2. A link to your "personal course page". Look at my photo to see how this is done. Use a link like [[/LastName|LastName's page for the course]]
  6. After completing the last step, the Physics307L:People page will have a red link to "your course page". Click on this link to create the new page (this is one easy way to create a new wiki page: just create a link to it and then click and edit).
    1. Add text to your course page, especially to your lab notebook. See Koch's page for an example.
  7. And the final part of this assignment:
    1. Do some kind of wiki editing other than what I've assigned. For example, make an edit on wikipedia, post a message on the Junior Lab Interactions Page, or put something fancy on your user page. The point is to just test your wiki skills out by doing something outside the assignment.
    2. After doing this, send me an email to let me know you're done!

Optional, but probably a good idea for techy students

  1. Join . This application will help you in the lab in at least two ways:
    • Taking pictures with your cell phone and getting the pictures easily into your OWW notebook
    • taking screenshot pictures ("print screen") and getting pictures easily into your OWW notebook
  2. Get a google account so you can use GoogleDocs and embed spreadsheets in your lab notebook.