Physcomitrella patens/plates

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making plates for the moss


  • using normal agar (1%)
  • wanted plates with "notches" (coated for mammalian cells)
  • using Tomato Plant Food Miracle-Gro at 160 mg / 100 ml
    • seems to contain the same chemicals as reccd. in the moss media recipes pdf(but what concentrations? see below for jason's digital cocktail napkin analysis)

mirace gro calculations

N (nitgoren) - Nitrogen is 14/100 of the molecular weight of KN03, so since you

need 1.01 g of KN03 in 1L, then we need 140mg of N in 1L. Since

the MiracleGro is 24% N (w/w) we need to add 140mg/0.24 = 583mg

of Miracle Gro to 1L.

In this miracle gro the N is in ammonium and urea where we would prefer it in N03 (or at least that would comply with the protocol).

P04 (phosphate) - Have to correct for MW from Miracle Gro since it has P205. We

need 130mg of P205, and it is 8% P205 (w/w) in the miracle gro.

1.6g of Miracle Gro to 1L.

Fe (Iron) - 1.67g of miracle gro for the Fe by the same analysis.

Mg (Magnesium) - we don't have it.

So we'll have to give 2X the nitrogen.

So we'll add 1.6g to 1L - major problem is we're missing the Magnesium.

WE'll be doing 100ml to start so 160mg.