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Last Project in 2014

15. 02. 12 (THU)

Tohoku University — Team Sendai : Universal Strand Generator

source :

  • The universal strand generator literally means the device generating specific DNA strand.
  • They designed two DNA devices using 'DNA and enzymes' or 'only DNAs', and each device is composed of different mechanism.
  • Please refer to the source page for the details.
  1. The output sequence can be controlled by the template DNA.
  2. The number of generated DNA outputs can be controlled by the number of transducers.
  3. The velocity that each output DNA is generated can be controlled by some experiment condition(please check the experiment part in the source page)
  • Their device can make a DNA sequence order. In a long view, the sequence order could be used in future control technology of nanorobot and nanostructure.


15. 01. 27 (TUE)

The cadnano structure - 2

I wanted to know how influence the crossover is to the stability of dna structure. However I couldn't find out the way that change only the number of crossover or only the arrangement of crossover. I mean, in the fixed shape of DNA structure, the number of crossover, the crossover arrangement, the length of staple, etc the varialbes of stability are not independent. So I just created sort of pattern, and applied it to the pixed shape DNA structure.
CJ 150129 cadnano crossover 1 1.png CJ 150129 cadnano crossover 1 2.png
CJ 150129 cadnano crossover 2 1.png CJ 150129 cadnano crossover 2 2.png
CJ 150129 cadnano crossover 3 1.png CJ 150129 cadnano crossover 3 2.png

-left side picture's structures consist of crossovers of one row arrangement.
-right side picture's structures consist of crossovers of two row arrangement.
-the horizontal line's each two structure have the same number of crossover (from the uppermost line 1~3 crossover's structure)
  • For more details, please refer to my ppt file named 'the number of crossover good' on the

15. 01. 24 (Sat)

The cadnano structure - 1

I wanted to make a DNA box.

CJ 150124 cadnano1.PNGCJ 150124 cadnano1 1.JPG


15. 02. 09 (Sun)

Drug delivery by a self-assembled DNA tetrahedron for overcoming drug resistance in breast cancer cells

source :!divAbstract

  • If use a DNA nanostructure(below Fig1) it can overcome drug resistance of cancer cells.

150209 CJ drug resistance1.JPG

Fig1 : DNA tetrahedron

150209 CJ drug resistance2.png

Fig2 : cancer cell's viability when use a DNA tetrahedron

15. 01. 29 (Thu)

Direct observation of stepwise movement of a synthetic molecular transporter

source :

  • By using dna system, we can make a controlled motion in nanoscale.
  1. In the system, DNA motor move on the DNA track
  2. The track consists of dna stators, and then dna motor move from one stator to the neighboring stator by a reaction.
  3. The reaction make dna motor move uni-directionally and the motion velocity alomost constant.(refer the thesis for the reaction details)

15. 01. 18 (Sun)

Relationship of metal particle and origic organic dyes in nanoscale

  • In nanoscale, the distance between metal particle and organic dyes is important facter to photophysical property of the dyes.
  • The closer the physical distance between metal and dye is, the weaker fluorescence intensity is and the shorter Fluorescence lifetime is.
  1. Each organic dye has a particular property of this phenomenon, so the fluorescence data can be used to define a matter.

15. 01. 04 (Sun)

Self-Assembly of Symmetric Finite-Size DNA Nanoarrays - Yan Liu, Yonggang Ke, and Hao Yan

  • The one task that Structural DNA nanotechnology has is to control the size of DNA self-assembly
  1. To produce effectively fixed-size DNA arrays, we need to use the geometric symmetry of DNA arrays with Cm symmetry.
  2. Because of the geometric symmetry, the higher number m is, the fewer DNA tiles we need.
  • In the thesis they show the 5*5 DNA arrays that have C2 symmetry and C4 symmetry
  1. In C2 symmetry, the array needs 13 tiles instead of 25 tiles.
  2. In C4 symmetry, the array needs 7 tiles instead of 25 tiles.
  3. In C4 symmetry, the array is composed of crosslike DNA tiles. A cross-shaped DNA tile has a flexibility under a stress.

CJ 140104 Self-Assembly of Symmetric Finite-Size DNA Nanoarrays-1.PNG

[from the thesis, DOI:10.1021/ja055614o]
-The Ex. of C2 symmetry. Because of geometric symmetry, the array has the same DNA tiles in it in each a half round.
  • what I felt
-This strategy maybe could help to construct the larger fixed-size DNA Structure than ever before.