Photo Imaging System, Ultra sensitive, Biorad

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Rules and Guidelines


1. New user MUST be trained by the captain or present users

2. For more information about applications of the VersaDoc, see attached manual.


1. Log onto the system (Username: Theriot, Password: VersaDoc).

2. To turn on VersaDoc, do the following in order:

a. Turn on camera (switch is located on the black box in back)

b. Turn on the VersaDoc (switch located on side of fan panel in back)

3. Run Quantity One software.

4. To open VersaDoc acquisition window, select File>VersaDoc

5. Open the door of the instrument. If necessary, clean imaging platform with distilled water. Place your membrane/gel face-up on the imaging platform.

6. With the door open, press the "Position" button in the acquisition window and align your membrane.

7. Close the door and select your imaging mode by pressing "Select" at the top of the acquisition window and choosing the appropriate option (eg, Select>Fluorophores>AlexaFluor-647).

8. Set the exposure time (typically 5-30s for fluorescence) and press "Acquire" to image your membrane. Alternatively, you can choose "Optimize Exposure" and set a range of exposure times to try. After

taking a picture with fluorescence, the VersaDoc will take a 'dark image' to adjust for background.

9. For particularly bright samples, it may be necessary to close the aperture on the camera, located at the top of the imaging chamber. There are two adjustment rings on the camera: the top ring is the aperture adjustment dial, the bottom ring is the focus adjustment dial. If you do adjust the aperture on the camera, please return the camera to its original settings for subsequent users.

10. Save your images in Desktop/Users.

11. Clean the imaging platform with distilled water when you are done.