Peyton:Lab Meeting Schedule Summer 2014

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Peyton Lab Meetings Summer 2014
Mondays 1-2:30pm
LSL 515.

May 22 - Special group meeting (Seminar), by Samuel Polio, post-doc candidate from BU
Note special day/time: This is a Thursday, seminar is at 10:15am.

Jun 2 - Special group meeting (Seminar), by JungKyu Choi, post-doc candidate from OSU
Note special time: 10:15am

Jun 23 - Lauren Jansen: microscopy seminar

Jun 30 - Lauren Barney GRS practice talk

Jul 14 - Lauren Barney, Lauren Jansen, and Thuy Nguyen: GRC recap

Jul 21 - Alyssa: Data update

Jul 28 - Shayna Nolan and Thomas McCarthy

Aug 4 - John MacMunn and Michael Grunwald

Aug 15 - Special group meeting: EtC Participants (Maia and Krissi)
Note special time: 2:30pm

Aug 25 - Thuy: Data update

--Shelly Peyton 09:41, 8 August 2014 (EDT)