Peyton:Lab Meeting Schedule Spring 2020

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Peyton Lab Meetings Spring 2020
Mondays 1:15-2:45pm
LSL N515.

Jan 6: Mission Statement Discussion: Mission Statement, Roles & Expectations

Jan 13: One slide roundtable: Semester goals (don't bring data!)

Jan 20: Mission Statement: Communication, Ethics and Safety, Reading List

Jan 27: Berent and Jessica

Feb 3: General check-in, plan for retreat weekend

Feb 17: Aritra

Feb 24: Ning

Mar 2: #Controls roundtable. Everyone bring 1 experiment, either with data or an idea, to pass around and get advice from the group about what the positive, negative, and internal controls are. Bring a 1-page printout for each person.

Mar 9: Sonu

Mar 16: Shelly practice talk for Minnesota Math conference

Mar 23: Paper Review: Saltzman ( Figure 1a-b: Carey, c-d: Ning; Figure 2a-b: Sonu, c-e: Adrian; Figure 3: Hyuna; Figure 4: Aritra; Table 1: Becca; Table 2: Rita; Suppl. Movies (1-3): Katie

Apr 6: Becca

Apr 13: Mission Statement: Mentorship and Development, Publications

Apr 20: Adrian

Apr 27: Paper review: Elisseeff ( Figure 1a-d: Katie, e-g: Rita; Figure 2a-c: Becca, d-g: Aritra; Figure 3a-d: Hyuna, e-g: Carey; Figure 4: Sonu; Figure 5: Adrian; Figure 6: Ning