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LN2 is found outside the science store. The main use of LN2 is for long term cryostorage of mammalian cells in the Pelling Lab LN2 tank. The LN2 tank should be checked once a week (fridays) and topped up if necessary. There should be enough LN2 to cover the tops of the racks.

  1. Always the wear eye protection and gloves (provided at the LN2 station).
  2. Take the tank to the Science Store for filling.
  3. At the computer the Login info is
  4. Place the LN2 hose into the tank.
  5. Press any key to open the LN2 valve.
  6. Open the red handle to start the flow of LN2.
  7. When an appropriate amount of LN2 has been dispensed close the red handle and press any key to logout.
  8. Write down the volume of LN2 dispensed in the Log beside the computer.