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   Lab Supplies=Pelling:Lab Supplies
   Lab Safety and MSDS's=Pelling:Lab Safety


  1. The autoclave service is located at 233 CAREG.
  2. Autoclaving is done from Monday to Friday between 7h30 am and 3h30 pm. No autoclaving is done during university holidays. Late arrivals are not guaranteed same day autoclaving. Nobody as priority over someone else. Waste is done last, since nobody is waiting for it.
  3. All material must be in polypropylene plastic trays. No polyethylene plastic must be used because it will melt.
  4. All trays must be identified with the user’s name and phone number where he can be reached.
  5. Dry material must be separated from liquid material.
  6. The autoclave form must accompany all material to be autoclaved.
  7. Autoclave tape must be used to notify users that the load is done.
  8. Material must be dropped in front of room 233 and picked up before the end of the day. They are not responsible for what may happen if left over night.
  9. If you have any questions, please call Mélanie Racine or Lise Bélanger at ext.6343.
  10. General autoclave rules and autoclave guidelines.