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Mammalian Cell Culture Dishes

Item Product Number Manufacturer Order From:
35mm Tissue Culture Dish TP93040 TPP MidSci
35mm Glass Bottom Tissue Culture Dish, No 1.5, 20mm Glass Diameter, Uncoated P35G-1.5-20-C Corning Mat Tek
60mm Tissue Culture Dish 0877221 Corning Fisher
100mm Tissue Culture Dish 0877222 Corning Fisher: 166.30$/500
100mm Tissue Culture Dish 12-556-002 Thermo Scientific Biolite Fisher: 49.70$/200
T25 with Membrane Cap 1012628 Corning Fisher: 125.93$/200
T25 with Membrane Cap 12-556-009 Thermo Scientific Biolite Fisher: 79.06$/200
T75 with Membrane Cap 1012637 Corning Fisher: 100.45$/100
T75 with Membrane Cap 12-556-010 Thermo Scientific Biolite Fisher: 75.30$/100
6 Well Plate 0720083 Corning Fisher: 64.90$/50
6 Well Plate 12-556-004 Thermo Scientific Biolite Fisher: 43.29$/50
12 Well Plate 0720082 Corning Fisher
96 Well Plate 087722C BD Fisher

Bacterial Cell Culture

Item Product Number Manufacturer Order From:
Agar Plate - 100mm Petri Dish 0875713 Fisher Fisher
Sterile 3mL Culture Tubes 361015309 Fisher Fisher
Bacteria Loops 130701 Fisher Fisher

Pipette Tips

Item Product Number Manufacturer Order From:
0.1-10μL Non-Sterile 07200522 Fisher Fisher
1-200μL Non-Sterile CS004862 Fisher Fisher
100-1000μL Non-Sterile CS004868 Fisher Fisher
0.1-2μL Sterile Filter 07200308 Fisher Fisher
0.1-10μL Sterile Filter 07200501 Fisher Fisher
1-200μL Sterile Filter 07200267 Fisher Fisher
100-1000μL Sterile Filter 07200503 Fisher Fisher
5mL Serological 1367522 BD Fisher
10mL Serological 1367520 BD Fisher
25mL Serological 136682 Fisher Fisher
Transfer Pipette 137119D Fisher Fisher
Sterile Transfer Pipette 1371120 Fisher Fisher
9" Glass Pasteur Pipette 1367820D Fisher Fisher


Item Product Number Manufacturer Order From:
15mL Centrifuge Tubes 0553859A Fisher Fisher: 84.42$/500
15mL Centrifuge Tubes 12-565-269 Thermo Scientific Nunc Fisher: 70.70$/500
50mL Centrifuge Tubes 05526B Fisher Fisher: 97.84$/500
50mL Centrifuge Tubes 12-565-270 Thermo Scientific Nunc Fisher: 62.37$/300
1.5mL Micro-centrifuge Tubes 05408129 Fisher Fisher
0.5mL Micro-centrifuge Tubes 05408120 Fisher Fisher
2mL Conical Micro-centrifuge Tubes 02681344 Fisher Fisher
Screw Caps for Conical Micro-centrifuge Tubes 02681347 Fisher Fisher
2mL Cryovials External Thread 1050026 Fisher Fisher
5mL Disposable Vials 22170193 Fisher Fisher
10mL Disposable Vials 22170212 Fisher Fisher

Other Consumables

Item Product Number Manufacturer Order From:
Disposable 250mL Media Bottle 0992316E Fisher Fisher
5mL Syringe 1482335 Fisher Fisher
10mL Syringe 148232A Fisher Fisher
20mL Syringe 148232B Fisher Fisher
Needles 21G, 1.5" 148265B Fisher Fisher
Syringe Filters SLGS033SS Fisher Fisher
150 mL Millipore Steri-Cup - Sterile Media Filter SCGPU01RE Fisher Fisher
250 mL Millipore Steri-Cup - Sterile Media Filter SCGPU02RE Fisher Fisher
500 mL Millipore Steri-Cup - Sterile Media Filter SCGPU05RE Fisher Fisher
22mm Cover Glass no.1 12542B Fisher Fisher
Glass Microscope Slides, 3x1", frosted end 125443 Fisher Fisher