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Item Product Number Manufacturer Order From:
HEPES BP310-100 Fisher Fisher
PBS Tablets ICN2810305 Fisher Fisher


Item Product Number Manufacturer Order From:
Nocodazole M1404 Sigma Sigma
Cytochalasin-D C8273 Sigma Sigma
Staurosporine S5921 Sigma Sigma
Sodium Azide BP922I-500 Fisher Fisher
ML-7 I2764-5MG Sigma Sigma
Y-27632 Y0503-1MG Sigma Sigma

General Chemicals

Item Product Number Manufacturer Order From:
Paraformaldehyde O4042500 Fisher Fisher
Sucrose - - Science Store
Triton X-100 ICN807423 Fisher Fisher
NaCl - - Science Store
MgCl2 - - Science Store
DMSO - - Science Store
99% Glycerol BP229-1 Fisher Fisher
Mounting Media with DABCO Antifade 10981 Sigma Sigma
PDMS 184 SIL ELAST KIT 0.5KG Dow Corning® Sylgard 184 Silicone Encapsulant Ellsworth Adhesives