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Mammalian Cell Culture

Item Product Number Manufacturer Order From
MEM-alpha 12571-063 Invitrogen Invitrogen
CO2 Independent Media 18045088 Invitrogen Invitrogen
DMEM SH3024301 HyClone Fisher
DMEM:F-12 SH3026101 HyClone Fisher
FBS SH3039603C HyClone Fisher
Trypsin-EDTA SH3023602 HyClone Fisher
Penicillin/Streptomycin SV30010 HyClone Fisher
l-Glutamine SH3003401 HyClone Fisher

Bacterial Cell Culture

Item Product Number Manufacturer Order From:
LB DF0446075 BD Difco Fisher
Agar DF0140010 BD Difco Fisher
Kanamycin K1876 Sigma Sigma
Ampicillin A9518 Sigma Sigma


Item Product Number Manufacturer Order From:
DNA Spin MiniPrep (50) 27104 Qiagen Qiagen
Lipofectamine 2000 11668019 Invitrogen Invitrogen
OptiMEM 51985-034 Invitrogen Invitrogen
G418 SV3006802 HyClone Fisher
Puromycin P9620 Sigma Sigma

Gels and Coatings

Item Product Number Manufacturer Order From:
Gelatine G1890 Sigma Sigma
Red 200nm FluoSpheres - carboxylate-modified F8810 Invitrogen Invitrogen
Green 200nm FluoSpheres - carboxylate-modified F8811 Invitrogen Invitrogen
NaBH4 452882 Sigma Sigma
PDMS 184 SIL ELAST KIT 0.5KG Dow Corning Ellsworth
Fibronectin F1141 Sigma Sigma
Poly-l-Lysine P4707 Sigma Sigma