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Pecinka group is hosted by the Centre of Plant Structural and Functional Genomics, which is part of Institute of Experimental Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences, v. v. i. in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

Our goal is understanding molecular and evolutionary mechanisms shaping plant genomes and epigenomes. We analyze how DNA sequence and chromatin changes are generated by endo- and exogenous factors and how these forces are balanced by the genome repair and epigenetic mechanisms. For our research we use mainly Arabidopsis thaliana and barley and analyze them by forward and reverse genetics, molecular, biochemical, cytogenetic and bioinformatic methods. read more...

Lab Members

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Recent Publications

  • Diaz, M., Pecinka, A. (2018): Scaffolding for Repair: Understanding Molecular Functions of the SMC5/6 Complex. Genes 9:E36. doi: 10.3390/genes9010036. Open access
  • Diaz, M., Pecinka, A. (2017): Seeds as emerging hotspot for maintenance of genome stability. Cytologia 82:467-470.
  • van Esse G.W., Walla A., Finke A., Koornneef M., Pecinka A., von Korff M. (2017): Six-Rowed Spike3 (VRS3) Is a Histone Demethylase That Controls Lateral Spikelet Development in Barley. Plant Physiology 174:2397-2408. doi: 10.1104/pp.17.00108. Full text
  • Baroux C., Pecinka A., Fuchs J., Kreth G., Schubert I., Grossniklaus I (2017): Non-random chromosome arrangement in triploid endosperm nuclei. Chromosoma 126:115-124 Open access


  • 2018-04-15: Two PhD positions in seed development in barley (read more PDF) and in understanding chromosome and chromatin organization in Arabidopsis and barley (full information PDF)! In case of your interest please send your application to Ales Pecinka (
  • 2018-03-05: Barbara Piwowarzkyk from University of Krakow joins our group as visiting scientist.
  • 2018-02-01: Pranav moves from MPIPZ Cologne to IEB Olomouc. Second Marie Curie fellowship for the institute. Wellcome, Pranav.
  • 2018-01-12: SMC5/6 complex, more than just DNA damage repair. Read our review! Open access.