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AMC Greenleaf Hut on Mt. Lafayette

Saturday May 31, 2008

Who's going

MikeG, Chandreyee, MikeS, Tamara, Juan, Johan, Celeste, Andy, Per, Beth, Anna, Remy, Natalie, Brian, Nate, Liz, Stacey, Sarah, Ashlee, Brett

If you need to contact someone and don't have their email address, please contact Per.

General information

What to bring

Cover for your pack - it's gonna rain!
Sleeping bag
Warm clothes (hat)
Water/water bottle
Flashlight or headlamp
General recommendations from the AMC

  • Need something? Feel free to list your gear needs here. I bet one of the 19 other people going has an extra of what you need.

About the hut

Greenleaf Hut Our reservation is under Beth's name (Elizabeth Shank)
Sleeps 48 in three co-ed bunkrooms (our group is 20), mattresses and pillows provided. It is a pack-in, pack-out shelter, with fresh water and a composting toilet. No one will be there to serve us (unlike at our homes in the city), but we can use the communal kitchen to prepare food. Pots, pans, and utensils will be available.

About Mt. Lafayette

Mt. Lafayette photos, trails, and trip reports


Getting to the trailhead (44.1421°N, 71.6810°W)

Drive north on 93 to Franconia Notch, NH

There are two parking options:

1. Park at the trailhead. Accessible from the northbound lane of Route 93 in Franconia Notch with parking at the Old Bridle Path trailhead. NOTE: Contrary to all of the information on the AMC web pages, when I called Franconia State Park they informed me that because that is state park land, NO USFS parking pass is required for this parking area.

2. Lafayette State Park (exit at Lafayette Place Campground, 3.5 mi north of Flume Gorge), which is accessible from the southbound lane of Route 93, and has a pedestrian tunnel under the highway to get you to the Old Bridle Path trailhead. Reported to be free parking.

Getting to the hut:
The Old Bridle Path is a moderate hike, 2.9 miles to the hut, takes approximately 2.5 hours, and has 2450 ft. elevation gain. The summit of Mt. Lafayette is another 1.1 miles and 1150 ft. of elevation gain from the hut. Alternate approaches include the Falling Waters Trail (difficult, approx. 6 miles).


Car's name #seats Occupants Leaving Returning Contact Notes
Josephine 2 Per, Beth Sat. ~8am Sun. afternoon Per We have plenty of room to carry gear, just not people
Mike's Prius n Celeste, Johan, Mike, Tamara ? ? ? ?
Juan's wild ride?
The Brett-mobile 4? Brett, Sarah Returning to NH , not MA
MikeG & CDas Civic 4 MikeG, CDas, Sat. when Mike gets up Sun. afternoon Mike G or Chandreyee Leaving from Arlington MA -- CD can pick up people in the North Bank (Cambridge etc.) earlier.
Anyone have room in their car to give me a lift back to Boston or a train near Boston on Sunday? Thanks, Sarah

Sarah, we can bring you back to Alewife station on Sunday. --Chandreyee (415)902-6283

Shared Food

To reduce the madness in the communal kitchen, sharing food/cooking is encouraged. Groups of 4-8 sound reasonable to me.

Food group Constituents for dinner for breakfast
A Per, Beth, Brett, Sarah pasta and stuff eggs'n'toast
B MikeS, Tamara, Johan, Celeste ? ?
C MikeG, CDas, sandwiches (bread, cheese, sausage) and crudites Poptarts and oatmeal