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tRNA-seq and applications

  • Hernandez-Alias, X., C.D. Katanski, W. Zhang, M. Assari, C.P. Watkins, M.H. Schaefer, L. Serrano, Tao Pan*: Single-read tRNA-seq analysis reveals coordination of tRNA modification and aminoacylation and fragmentation, Nucl. Acids Res. 51, e17 (2023).
  • Schindler, D., R.S.K. Walker, S. Jiang, A.N. Brooks, Y. Wang, C.A. Müller, C. Cockram, Y. Luo, A. García, D. Schraivogel, J. Mozziconacci, N. Pena, M. Assari, M. del Carmen Sánchez Olmos, Y. Zhao, A. Ballerini, B.A. Blount, J. Cai, L. Ogunlana, W. Liu, K. Jönsson, D. Abramczyk, E. Garcia-Ruiz, T.W. Turowski, R. Swidah, T. Ellis, Tao Pan, F. Antequera, Y. Shen, C.A. Nieduszynski, R. Koszul, J. Dai, L.M. Steinmetz, J.D. Boeke, Y. Cai: Design, Construction, and Functional Characterization of a tRNA Neochromosome in Yeast, Cell, 186, 5237-5253 (2023).
  • Katanski, C.D., H. Alshammary, C.P. Watkins, S-H. Huang, A. Gonzales-Reiche, E.M. Sordillo, H. van Bakel, Mount Sinai PSP study group, K. Lolans, V. Simon*, Tao Pan*: tRNA abundance, modification and fragmentation in nasopharyngeal swabs as biomarkers for COVID-19 severity, Frontiers in Cell & Dev. Biology 10, 999351 (2022).
  • Katanski, C.D., C.P. Watkins, W. Zhang, M. Reyer, S. Miller, Tao Pan*: Analysis of queuosine and 2-thio tRNA modifications by high throughput sequencing, Nucl. Acids Res. 50, e99 (2022).
  • Watkins, C.P., W. Zhang, A.C. Wylder, C.D. Katanski*, Tao Pan*: A multiplex platform for small RNA sequencing elucidates multifaceted tRNA stress response and translational regulation, Nature Communications 13, 2491 (2022).
  • Wang, Y.U., C.D. Katanski, C. Watkins, J.N. Pan, Q. Dai, Z-X. Jiang, Tao Pan*: A High-throughput Screening Method for Evolving a Demethylase Enzyme with Improved and New Functionalities, Nucl. Acids Res. 49, e30 (2021).

tRNA therapeutics

  • Hou, Y-C., W. Zhang, P.T. McGilvray, M. Sobczyk, C. Wang, S. Weng, A. Huff, S-H. Huang, N. Pena, C. Katanski*, Tao Pan*: Engineered mischarged transfer RNAs for correcting pathogenic missense mutations, Mol. Therapy, 32, 352-371 (2024).

mRNA and viral RNA modifications

  • Huang, S-H., A.C. Wylder, Tao Pan*: Simultaneous mRNA m6A and Pseudouridine Nanopore Profiling Reveals Coordination in Translation, Nature Biotech., in press (2024).
  • Dai, Q., L-S. Zhang, H-L. Sun, K. Pajdzik, L. Yang, C. Ye, C-W. Ju, S. Liu, Y. Wang, Z. Zheng, L. Zhang, B.T. Harada, X. Dou, I. Irkliyenko, X. Feng, W. Zhang, Tao Pan, Chuan He: Quantitative sequencing using BID-seq uncovers abundant pseudouridines in mammalian mRNA at base resolution, Nature Biotech., 41, 344-354 (2023).
  • Pena, N., W. Zhang, C. Watkins, M. Halucha, H. Alshammary, M.M. Hernandez0, W-C. Liu, R.A. Albrecht, A. Garcia-Sastre, V. Simon, C.D. Katanski*, Tao Pan*: Profiling selective packaging of host RNA and viral RNA modification inSARS-CoV-2 viral preparations, Frontiers in Cell & Dev. Biology 10, 768356 (2022).
  • Huang, S. W. Zhang, C.D. Katanski, D. Dersh, Q. Dai, K. Lolans, J. Yewdell, A.M. Eren, Tao Pan*: Interferon inducible pseudouridine modification in human mRNA by quantitative nanopore profiling, Genome Biology 22, 330 (2021).
  • Eckwahl, M., R-Y. Xu, J. Michalkiewicz, W. Zhang, P. Patel, Z. Cai, Tao Pan*: 5-methylcytosine RNA modifications promote retrovirus replication in an ALYREF reader protein-dependent manner, J. Virology 94, e00544-20 (2020).
  • Jurczyszak, D., W. Zhang, S.N. Terry, T. Kehrer, M.C.B. González, E. McGregor, L.C.F. Mulder, M.J. Eckwahl, Tao Pan*, V. Simon*: HIV protease cleaves the antiviral m6A reader protein YTHDF3 in the viral particle, PLoS Pathogens 16, e1008305 (2020).
  • Zhou, K.I., H-L. Shi, R.T. Lyu, A.C. Wylder, Z. Matuszek, J.N. Pan, C. He, M. Parisien*, Tao Pan*: Regulation of co-transcriptional pre-mRNA splicing by m6A through the low-complexity protein hnRNPG, Mol. Cell 76, 70-81 (2019).

Other RNA modifications

  • Zhang, W., H. Chen, M. Sobczyk, D. Krochmal, C.D. Katanski, M. Assari, A. Chen, Y. Hou, Q. Dai, Tao Pan*: Quantification of tRNA m1A modification by templated-ligation qPCR, RNA, in press (2024).
  • Dai, Q., R. Lyu, K. Pajdzik, H-L. Sun, L. Zhang, L-S. Zhang, T. Wu, A. Dai, L. Yang, Y. Dong, Y. Gao, B. Shen, Tao Pan*, C. He*: A Quantitative Sequencing Method for 5-Formylcytosine in RNA, Israel J. Chem., in press (2023).
  • Wang, L., J. Wu, R. Liu, W. Chen, Z. Pang, F. Zhou, L. Xia, J. Huang, Tao Pan, X. Su, X-Y. Wang: Epitranscriptome profiling of spleen mRNA m6A methylation reveals pathways of host responses to malaria parasite infection, Frontiers in Immunology 13: 998756 (2022).
  • Zhang, L-S., Q. Xiong, S. Peña Perez, C. Liu, J.B. Wei, C. Le, L. Zhang, B.T. Harada, Q. Dai, X. Feng, Z. Hao, Y. Wang, X. Dong, L. Hu, E. Wang, Tao Pan, A. Klungland, R. Liu, C. He: ALKBH7-mediated demethylation regulates mitochondrial polycistronic RNA processing, Nature Cell. Biol. 23, 684-691 (2021).
  • Blaze, J., A. Navickas, H. L. Phillips, S. Heissel, A. Plaza-Jennings, S. Miglani, H. Asgharian, M. Foo, C. D. Katanski, C. P. Watkins, Z. T. Pennington, B. Javidfar, S. Espeso-Gil, B. Rostandy, H. Alwaseem, C. G. Hahn, H. Molina, D. J. Cai, Tao Pan, W. D. Yao, H. Goodarzi, F. Haghighi, S. Akbarian: Neuronal Nsun2 deficiency produces tRNA epitranscriptomic alterations and proteomic shifts impacting synaptic signaling and behavior, Nature Communications 12, 4913 (2021).
  • Zhang, W. & Tao Pan*: Pseudouridine RNA modification detection and quantification by RT-PCR, Methods S1046-2023(21)00136-5 (2021).
  • Zhang, W. & Tao Pan*: Quantitative Probing of Glycosylated Queuosine Modifications in tRNA, Methods in Enzymology 658, 73-82 (2021).
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Microbiome and microbiome-host interactions

  • Kiefl, E., O.C. Esen, S.E. Miller, K.L. Kroll, A.D. Willis, M.S. Rappé, Tao Pan, A.M.Eren: Structure-informed microbial population genetics elucidate selective pressures that shape protein evolution, Sci. Adv. 9, eabq4632 (2023).
  • Huang, J., W.J. Chen, F. Zhou, Z.C. Pang, L.L. Wang, Tao Pan, X.Y. Wang: Tissue-specific reprogramming of host tRNA transcriptome by the microbiome, Genome Res. 31, 947–957 (2021).
  • Zhang, W., R-Y. Xu, Z. Matuszek, Z. Cai, Tao Pan*: Detection and quantification of glycosylated queuosine modified tRNAs by acid denaturing and APB gels, RNA 26, 1291-1298 (2020).
  • Zhang, J., Lu, R., Zhang, Y., Matuszek, Z., Zhang, W., Xia, Y., Tao Pan, J. Sun: tRNA queuosine modification enzyme modulates the growth and microbiome recruitment to breast tumors, Cancer 12, 628 (2020).
  • Wang*, X.Y., Y. Li, W-J. Chen, H-L. Shi, A.M. Eren, A. Morozov, C. He, G-Z. Luo*, Tao Pan*: Transcriptome-wide reprogramming of N6-methyladenosine modification by the mouse microbiome, Cell Res. 29, 167–170 (2019).

tRNA and tRNA synthetase

  • Sun, L.T., N. Wei, B. Kuhle, D. Blocque, S. Novick, Z. Matuszek, H.H. Zhou, W.W, He, J.J. Zhang, T. Weber, R. Horvath, P. Latour, Tao Pan, P. Schimmel, P. Griffin, X-L. Yang: CMT2N-causing aminoacylation domain mutants enable Nrp1 interaction with AlaRS, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 118, e2012898118 (2021).
  • Chen, M-R. B. Kuhle, J. Diedrich, Z. Liu, J.J. Moresco, J.R. Yates III, Tao Pan, X-L. Yang: Trans-editing activity of a tRNA synthetase allows vertebrates to abundantly express mischargeable tRNA without causing mistranslation, Nucl. Acids Res. 48, 6445–6457 (2020).
  • Blocquel, D. L. Sun, Z. Matuszek, S. Li, T. Weber, B. Kuhle, G. Kooi, N. Wei, J. Baets, Tao Pan, P. Schimmel, X-L. Yang: CMT disease severity correlates with mutation-induced open conformation of His-tRNA synthetase, not aminoacylation loss in patient cells, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 116, 19440-19448 (2019).

Reviews and commentaries

  • Meyer, K., Tao Pan*: mRNA epitranscriptomics, RNA, in press (2024).
  • Hou, Y-C. Tao Pan*: tRNA flux and consistency in differentiation, Nature Cell Biol. 26, 37-38 (2023). [Commentary]
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  • Zhang, W., Tao Pan*: A dual function PUS enzyme, Nature Chem. Biol. 16, 107-108 (2020). [Commentary]

Selected older publications

  • Schwartz, M.H., H.P. Wang, J.N. Pan, W.C. Clark, S. Cui, M.J. Eckwahl, D.W. Pan, M. Parisien, S.M. Owens, B.L. Cheng, K. Martinez, J.B. Xu, E.B. Chang, Tao Pan*, A.M. Eren*: Microbiome characterization by high-throughput transfer RNA sequencing and modification analysis, Nature Communications 9:5353, p.1-13 (2018).
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