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  • Quickly rushed through it
  • Answered "I will help out" without knowing what he was helping out on
    • He probably thought it was related to the survey
    • Suggestion: what if we put this manipulation 1/3 or 1/2 of the way into the survey


  • Asked me questions about the display
    • Functionality
    • Whether it logs information
    • Had to explain what the display actually does
    • Did not get electricity usage information (probably because he is still a student)
  • He would have to read reviews to want to pay for a subscription
  • Doesn't mind advertisements because hes learned to block them out

Questions About Energy Efficiency

Q16 Avrg household

  • Parents consciously reduce
    • Yells at him for using too much electricity
  • Family doesn't care about the environment
    • Keeps things clean for the sake of cleanliness
  • Doesn't know how much neighbors recycle
    • But since his neighborhood is relatively clean, he thinks they all recycle the same amount

Q577 Effective messages

  • Does not care about the environment--message is not personal enough
  • Control
    • Improves yourself, so he is interested
  • Energy Security
    • Doesn't know enough or the relationship between the two
  • Avoid wasting energy
    • Too concerned about society and not personal enough
    • Is this asking about wasting energy for society overall? or just the individual? --> could tie into wasting money etc

Q579 Extent you disagree or agree

  • Not conscious over how much is used, so no control over how much electricity is consumed
  • New technology
    • Really interested in new gadgets and would research them; however, does not necessarily buy them
  • Does not shy away from products that damage the environment
  • Does not switch products based on ecological reasons
  • Energy efficiency is not a deciding factor in appliance purchases, look at the price
  • Interpreted products packaged in reusable containers as reusing packaging for products
  • Doesn't make a conscious effort to buy products that are low in pollutants
  • Equal products
    • Always lean towards the eco-friendly product because he says the "visual design looks better"

Q726 Extent you disagree or agree

  • Taught in school that the balance is easy to disrupt
  • Does not think that humans are the center of everything
  • There are limits, so it is like a spaceship
  • Guessed that this scale is measuring how much you care about the environment

Electricity Usage Questions (Part I)

Q758 Trust

  • Because he's a normal person, he feels like the government wouldn't do anything to jeopardize him
    • He said that if he had more knowledge of their intentions then he'd have a more extreme response
    • Best interest might be too broad for people to conceptualize, what if we presented them with a specific issue?
  • Government scientists act under the government's agenda
  • University scientists have knowledge and would want to share it and have actual proof
  • Utility companies just want money

Electricity Usage Questions (Part II)

Q660 Extend you agree or disagree

  • Wouldn't enjoy it, it'd just be there
  • He first said that "if we paid for it, we would try to use it often"
    • Then asked if he just received it at his front door, would he act differently and replied "no". If he were to get it for free, he would try to use it and not let it sit there