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  • Hastily read over the introduction page
  • When asked to explain briefly what the intro page talked about he just read parts of the paragraph out loud


  • Thought he was going to get free electricity for a year
  • Would participate because he enjoys doing studies
  • Thinks the frame would be good and wants to be aware
  • Would not want to pay a subscription to use the frame
  • Would not like to see advertisements and would prevent him from participating
    • Sees enough advertisements
    • Not worth it

Questions About Energy Efficiency

Q16 Average household ...

  • Thinks he does more to reduce usage because when he participates in the blue bag program, he tends to have the blue bag filled more than his neighbors' blue bags
  • Kept on repeating that he cares about the environment

Q577 Effective messages to participate

  • Thinks of the environment like a sanctuary
  • Control
    • Doesn't like to waste, and awareness leads to more control
  • Security
    • Does not know how personal conservation would help that
  • Waste
    • "Is not into wasting things"

Q579 Extent you disagree or agree with statements

  • Does not have that much personal control because he's not the only one in the household
  • Tech
    • No need for the newest gadgets
  • Product damaging environment
    • He wouldn't buy a product if he knew it damages the environment, but he was not aware of any product that damages the environment
    • "I'm used to using the products I use already I have no problem with them"
  • Switched products
    • Not aware of any products
  • Less electricity
    • Bought products for brand and design, not solely because it uses less electricity
  • Products packaged in reusable containers
    • Interpreted question as reusing containers products were packaged in
  • Was unaware of products that have pollutants

Q726 Extent do you disagree or agree with statements

  • Balance of nature
    • There is a balance, but its not very delicate because the of resilience
  • Primarily used by humans
    • Thinks that "everything in the world uses everything"
  • Spaceship
    • Agrees that things are limited

Energy Use Questions (Part I)

Q758 Trust

  • Federal government
    • Has many factions so they probably do things in their best interest
  • Local government
    • Is smaller, so has more hands in the pot and would do things less in his best interest
  • Scientists
    • Have better management of resources, so they do things more in our interests
    • University vs governmental scientists
      • Gov't scientists have government agendas
      • University scientists are more pure, unless they're working with the government
  • Utility company
    • CEO has his own agenda
    • But it is in the best interest to help the customer
  • Community
    • Cross over interest

Q630 Previously participated in any programs

  • Yes, to save money
  • Heard by word of mouth

Technology Questions

Q660 IHD Extent questions

  • Thinks IHD will help him save each month
    • Because he could visually see how much he was using
    • "Consciously see what was on and off"
    • Figure out the minimum usage necessary at the time