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  • Understands that the program will help out with electronic bill payment
  • Knew that agreeing to help out will require him to answer a separate set of questions at the end of the survey

Recruitment (CMU+DOE)

  • Add a timer on this page
    • It takes way too long
    • Increase the font size and think about reducing the amount of text
  • Wanted to sign up for the program because he is interested in usage information and increase of awareness
  • Thought that CMU + DOE was a neutral source, would not be as trustworthy if it came from the utility
  • Would be willing to pay $10/mo
  • Advertisements would not deter him from wanting to participate

Questions About Energy Efficiency

Q16 Average household ...

  • Has no frame of reference of what an average household means
  • Because he doesn't know who to compare to he answered "Neither agree nor disagree"
    • Maybe ad "I don't know" as one of the choices
  • Thought recycling only referred to bottles and cans and didn't know how it related to electricity

Q577 Effective messages to participate

  • Does not know how electricity relates to the environment
  • Thought the device would increase control
  • Unsure how electricity consumption related to energy security

Q579 Extent you disagree or agree with statements

  • Personally have control...
    • Likes control, so he agrees
  • First to buy...
    • Not interested enough to be eager to be the first to buy
  • Appliances
    • Only made purchases based off price
  • Reusable containers
    • Remove question -- can't think of any product that uses reusable containers
  • Pollutants
    • Don't know which pollutants
    • Might want to limit this question to car purchases (mpg)
    • If not, just cut this question
  • Equal products - good question

Q726 Extent you disagree or agree with the following statements

  • Balance
    • Socially responsible demand characteristic
    • Remove
  • Plants and animals
    • Deep philosophical aspect and might be interpreted differently by people from religious backgrounds
  • Spaceship / Limits to growth - good
  • Reversed scale (changed to 1 strongly disagree - 5 strongly agree)

Q758 How much do you trust the following groups to act in your best interest

  • Government has limited functionality
    • Governments are typically the same everywhere, they have too much to handle at any given time
    • They might not act in our best interest for a few reasons that we should differenciate
      • Lack of funding
      • Incompetent
      • Evil

Electricity Use Questions (Part II)

Q636 In the past 12 months have you done any of the following

  • Add picture of CFL
  • Does not know what insulted means
  • Change prize drawing to raffle

Q660 Extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement

  • Without a display he would reduce usage by looking up on google what the average usage for his household size is and use that as a reference