Oscilloscope Lab Notes

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I had some trouble at the beginning to set up the oscilloscope. Even though I had set up the signals correctly. I checked and saw the the coupling was incorrectly set up. It was on ground. So I moved it to AC.

Why is it no possible to measure less than 10 HZ?

The graphs become less and less accurate as we go to higher frequencies.

Now time to measure stuff.

Now I find out that there 3 different ways for measuring the frequency and the voltage.

Counting the squares. Using the cursor Just using the measure feature included in the oscilloscope.

First Measurment of Sine wave. Freq 89 HZ Period 11.30 mineseconds. Fall time 3.370 miniseconds.

Fall time Measurment= 51.20 miniseconds.

Amplitude = 14 Volts time= 97.20 miniseconds V=Vfinal*exp(-t/tau)

.90=exp(-t/tau) Fall time. 51.20 miniseconds.

Now we solve for tau, which equals= R C\