Optical tweezers/Condenser & Detector stage

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Illuminator arm adapter plate

I flubbed on the dimensions for the illuminator arm adapter plate. Below are the correct dimensions.


Condenser dovetail

I still hate Olympus. Below I have a design for a dovetail adapter plate that has the ability to mount any type of optics to it you want. The thread is an M30 x 0.5 all the way through. I had to go with this one because it was able to thread completely through the dovetail mount. You can purchase thread adapters from Thorlabs. I couldn't use the standard C mount threads because it was too small in diameter and T mounts were too big.


Olympus Dovetail View 2.jpg

The dovetail is a job for a professional machinist. I could do it, but it would take me a week. I sent the designs to John (our machinist) and we will see what he says.