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General discussion

  • RS 23:16, 4 May 2006 (EDT)I would suggest that either one of us (or perhaps Drew or Tom) touch base with the Program Director for this NSF proposal solicitation to see what they think. In reading some of the fine print more carefully, a lot of their focus is on software development for informatics. We just might want to get them thinking a bit more outside the box so that they are receptive to a proposal from us (if we decide to submit it here). We might also be able to get some useful advice from them. [Contact: Manfred D. Zorn,, (703) 292-8470]
    • What do people think, should we contact them?
    • Is it appropriate for a grad student to do it, or is it preferable for a PI to do it? (We could compose the email on the wiki actually if we wanted to initially make contact via email.)


Project description

(maximum length 15 pages, from NSF Biological Databases and Informatics (BD&I) Program Solicitation)

  • Proposals should address the project goals, the anticipated product(s) of the work and implications for biological databases and informatics with specific reference to the anticipated impact on the community served by the proposed developments.
  • Proposals should discuss plans for making the products of research, e.g. software and databases, available to the biological sciences research community.
  • Proposals should address and, where relevant, demonstrate evidence of scientific community need for the proposed work.
  • Proposals should present a well-developed plan for the long-term support and maintenance of the databases or informatics tools generated by the project. Provide information on possible economic models of long term support which a project, intent on maturing to a community database or widely used tool, might adopt.
  • Proposals should describe the management of intellectual property rights related to the proposed project, including plans for sharing data, information, and materials resulting from the project. This plan should be specific about the nature of the results to be shared, and the timing and means of release.
  • In accordance with the broader impact review criterion, proposals should describe specific plans to address broader impacts of the proposed activity (see "Proposal Review Information" below for the definition of "broader impacts").
  • Note: Inclusion of a website to provide additional information about the proposed project is not allowed. Reviewers will be advised to review what is presented in the 15 pages and not to consider additional information provided on a website.

Proposal outline

Some information is available at NSF Grant Proposal Guide: Chapter II - Proposal Preparation Instructions