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  • Jason R. Kelly 10:34, 11 January 2008 (CST): Sorry bill, just dumping some stuff here from the SC meeting so it doesn't fall through the cracks, please re-organize however you like.

from SC meeting

  • Install FCKEditor (w/ preferences on/off) on the main site and send out an email to SC that says (a) how to turn it on and (b) a link to a discussion page. Doesn't need a tutorial, as most new users prolly wouldn't read tutorial anyway.
  • Send email to the SC and organize a Lab notebook tutorial when lab notebook is up on the main site.
  • Get RSS feed of new users on mainpage2 (can work with jenny to make this look nice)
    • Would be good if this had a "say hi" link to their user talkpage
  • Add 'unsubscribe' capability to the newly created oww-all mailing list