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Notes from 10/2/2007 Board meeting with Bill


Move to new RackSpace server

  • New production server should be up and available for testing by tomorrow (Wednesday).
  • Changeover of IPs should happen this weekend 10PM-2AM on Saturday night.
  • Ask RackSpace this afternoon if we can change the IP of the machine.
  • We need to post the notice to the OWW main page and a message to the steering committee.
  • Also need to move the blogs, dewikify stuff etc.
  • Austin and Ilya will look over the switchover.

(We're currently paying for both servers so we want to do this changeover soon.)

Source control management system

  • Being done but not a major focus.
  • We want to eventually make this web accessible so that people can access all our code.

Upgrade MediaWiki

  • Wait until after the server upgrade.
  • Wait for 1.11 to be out for a couple weeks.
  • Look at release notes to see if there is a compelling reason to update.
  • Should not even think about this until after the server upgrade.

Modify and Enhance the UMS

  • Released today
  • Document describing it
  • Going to wait on implementing anything more for a while.



  • 3 RSS extensions are up on the main site
  • Move to 1 RSS extension by next month
  • Announce to sc, discuss, extensions

Blog improvements

  • A lot of spam comments <- need to deal with this
  • Using feedburner - need to research feedburner for domains and give an estimate on what's involved in using this.

Word document importer

  • We're not getting a perfect solution. How good of a solution do we want?
  • Want to be able to maintain document structure upon import (i.e. sections)
  • Could tell people how to use existing tools on a help page.

Other extensions

  • Wibbit and Simple forms are installed and going