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Emails for the 10/20 seminar

  • OpenWetWare
    • steering committee (done)
  • MIT
    • seminars AT csail (added to the calendar, automatic email notification also sent)
    • be-seminar (done)
    • bio headquarters (asked)
    • Broad Instititute (done)
    • asked Ken Oye & Frank Field
    • sophia sent to hasts students list (done)
    • MIT event calendar (done)
    • BMES (sent to bmes-exec)
    • pugwash (send to officers list, will add to pugwash calendar)
  • Harvard
    • asked GeoChurch as well as Becky Ward to send stuff out
  • FreeCulture (asked)

Advertising next seminar

If there's any information about the seminar after this one, I think it should go up on to the page ASAP. When people visit this page after reading their email, we get to advertise for free the next one also, and if people aren't interested in this one or can't make this one, they could perhaps make the next one.

  • Sri Kosuri 19:03, 19 March 2006 (EST): Agreed, but we don't have confirmation as of yet.

Emails for the 3/24 seminar

Email lists already sent to

  • OpenWetWare
    • Steering Committee
  • MIT
    • BE
    • synthbio
    • synthbio-poet
    • seminars AT csail (added to the calendar, automatic email notification also sent)
    • MIT student pugwash (sent to officers)
    • Event calendar (posted, OpenWetWare added as a group that can post events on the MIT calendar).
    • MechE (grad student list)
  • Boston
    • alife-boston
  • Harvard
    • Systems Biology
    • Church Lab

Contacted: Not Confirmed

  • MIT
    • CBA (sent request to cba_admin)
    • Chemistry (sent to webmaster)
    • STS (Oye & Field)
    • Biology
  • Harvard
    • JFK School of Government (contacted STPP program)

Want to contact, but haven't

We should contact relevant people to announce it ASAP to (running list, please add)

  • MIT
    • ChemE
  • Harvard
    • Others (Contacted Sasha Wait)?
  • Any wikipedia lists?
  • OpenCourseWare lists?

Email text

Help spread the word by sending this to people you think may be interested. Also add to the list above to prevent duplications.

OpenWetWare Seminar Series on Open Science

Impacts of Property Rights on Open Science
John Wilbanks, Executive Director of Science Commons

Open to the Public
1pm, Friday March 24, 2006
MIT Stata Center, 32-155

Talk Overview
This talk will lay out the basic intersections of property rights -
copyrights, patents, and contracts - with scientific research. The
talk will also examine how approaches inspired by the Free Software
movement might help create a "research commons" of freely usable
tools, papers and data. Specific case studies in biological materials
transfer and text mining of gene interaction networks will be
presented for discussion.

This seminar series is sponsored by OpenWetWare (, 
a wiki serving the biological science and engineering community.

Adapted from the Science Commons:

John Wilbanks is currently the Executive Director of Science Commons.
Science Commons is an exploratory project to apply the philosophies
and activities of Creative Commons in the realm of science.  Their
goal is to encourage stake-holders to create areas of free access and
inquiry using standardized licenses and other means; a 'Science
Commons' built out of voluntary private agreements.

John came to Creative Commons from a Fellowship at the World Wide Web
Consortium in Semantic Web for Life Sciences. Previously, he founded
and led to acquisition Incellico, a bioinformatics company that built
semantic graph networks for use in pharmaceutical research &
development. Before founding Incellico, John was the first Assistant
Director at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard
Law School. He was previously a legislative aide to U.S.
Representative Fortney (Pete) Stark and a grassroots coordinator and
fundraiser for the American Physical Therapy Association. John holds
a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Tulane University and studied
modern letters at the Universite de Paris IV (La Sorbonne). He serves
on the Advisory Board of the U.S. National Library of Medicine's
PubMed Central and the International Advisory Board of the Prix Ars
Electronica's Digital Communities awards.