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  • RS 14:44, 25 May 2006 (EDT): Should we be including fancy wiki stuff in this (i.e. showhide)? My guess is that this needs to be turned in as a printed report or text in an email and thus should omit such code. It just confused me when I went to edit the page. I would suggest putting such info on this page instead.

Goals from application

Goals for the spring

List two or three specific milestones to be achieved in the project by May 2006.

Community Benchmarks

  • 30 academic labs
  • 750 users
  • 3000 uniques visitors/day

(Each of these is ~3X the number currently on the site)

  • Send representatives to 2 conferences (ASCB & ?)

Content Benchmarks

  • An automatic method for to convert wiki->static webpage directly hosted on openwetware
  • Templates for protocols, equipment, materials, biologicals; Also, better organization scheme to encourage use and standardization of the shared information.
  • Integration with the BE.109 curriculum; Active Student Participation
  • 1400 content pages (2X current amount)

Goals for the one-year project

List two or three specific milestones to be achieved in the project by December 2006.

  1. Integrate with 1-2 lab classes at MIT.
  2. Implement software tools for conversion of other document formats into wiki markup language.
  3. Integrate with DSpace via document discussion and review pages.
  4. Develop institution-specific information hubs.