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Topics to cover

  • Debrief by Ilya and Bill on OWW hosting
  • Debrief by Bill/Barry/Jason on lab notebook project
  • Debrief by Natalie/Reshma on courses
  • Debrief by Jason on wiki reviews
  • Debrief by Julius and John on publishing
  • Debrief by Vincent and Julius on outreach
  • Debrief by Reshma on Ricardo Vidal
  • Debrief by Mac on iGEM?
  • Debrief by Jason on SC
  • Debrief by Bill/Iz/Board member on working at MIT?
  • Meeting with Drew re the move and publishing pipeline etc.
  • Debrief by John on running a conference on OWW

Also talk individually to Steve Koch, Cameron Neylon, Maureen Hoatlin and any other SC members who might be interested.

Other to do

  • Follow up VMS meeting
  • Help page on lab notebooks
  • SC blog post by Lorrie?
  • Key to Endy lab
  • Seed Lorrie's user page

Longer term

  • Mechanics of NSF grant from Iz
  • Navigating the MIT bureacracy from Iz


  • Paperwork with Mary Files in BE HQ at 9:30a (takes ~30 mins)
  • Board meeting with Bill at 11a?


  • 11a - Meeting with Lorrie, Jason and Reshma
  • 1:30p-4p - New employee orientation



  • 12p - SC meeting


  • Board retreat in afternoon