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Actions from the retreat

Hardware/Site domain

  1. Hardware: Need plan to move to new hardware and server configuration w/in 12 months.
    • Jay Copeland suggests having a backup machine that's synch'd every night and that is ready to go online in a snap (i.e., DNS worked out ahead of time). Also need to protect the building against "slashdoting" and so on (i.e., need a hosting site that will keep OWW from becoming a DNS focal point for building 68). These points are serious enough that they need to be resolved ASAP.
  2. Hardware Support: Need plan to support hardware and software.
    • Should involve some basic IT support, and support for a development environment. Even something as simple as updating the MediaWiki software requires that somebody back-check that our existing OWW extensions work.
    1. need a server on a 12 month time-scale,
    2. and inplace backup mechanism
    3. easy switch to
  3. Consider filing trademark applications on "OpenWetWare" in US (and perhaps UK, EU, China, India, and Japan)?

New Users

  1. Look up other sister wiki's and link to them, have on sign-up page, "maybe this wiki's better for you? want to set up your own wiki.. guidelines. John to do.
  2. set up a page of case studies, FAQ of people that we didn't allow accounts. and why? e.g physics lab, highschool students, companies, John to do

Organizational Structure

  1. Develop longer term stable organization structure for OWW including consideration of officers, advisors, bylaws and so on.
  2. by the weekend, up for two weeks - bylaws to appear on front page, (John, Barry) Look at how others are set up. e.g Majority vote by stearing committee. to include:
    • 6 month terms.
    • be more clear on donations, link to MIT.
    • donations, Tax exempt, affiliation with MIT.
    • Set up roles on the site, and jobs to do, and actions.
    • make sure e.g stearing committee is not in position to sell the website.
    • MIT hosted?
    • elections two weeks time, open for one week. Jason to org.
    • John to set up drop down tasks and actions list.


  1. novel publication group formed
    • John, Julius, Drew, Jason
    • ACTIONS: to present proposal on novel publishing to next SC meeting
    • August 10th,
    • can we use the money for other things, core care and feeding money.
    • e.g %65 direct costs
    • collaborations with all publishing houses.
    • they want exploratory channel and want to know what the inter
    • OWW is considering a novel publication channel and is currently looking to partner with publishing houses


  1. Drew, Jason
  2. Consider establishing organizational recognition w/in MIT. This would include gaining an MIT account (for donation purposes).
  3. Need to get funding to recruit and hire Director of OWW (and OWW staff) to provide relief to current student leadership.


  • Comments to Ponder:

In five years, Mac OS XIV will likely have iWiki(TM) software pre-installed on every machine, et cetera. How does the impact what we need to do?