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OpenWetWare was awarded an MIT iCampus student grant. This page is to track progress and coordination and communication with MIT iCampus Leadership.


You can find our application here. The application describes the goals and timelines that were specified at the start of the application.


While overall direction of OpenWetWare is being directed by the OpenWetWare steering committee, coordination with the MIT iCampus leadership is facilitated by the following people.

Overall Coordinator

Jason Kelly

Sub-Committee Leaders

Isadora Deese

Timeline Manager
Danielle France

Software Development
Barry Canton

Community Development
Sri Kosuri

Promotional Material/Advertising
Ty Thomson

User Experience/Data Management
Jeff Gritton

Education Coordinator
Reshma Shetty


Drew Endy & Natalie Kuldell

Current Progress

Current progress is shown on the steering committee page.

Revised Budget

Since the 30K included overhead, we updated our approximate budget keeping in mind that there maybe more money available in a few months.

  • UROPS: 7K
    • 2 Spring UROPs and a Summer UROP
  • Advertising: 2K
    • Artist to design materials (1K), mailings/business cards/etc (1K)
  • Travel: 2K
  • Boston-area Tutorials: 0.5K
  • OWW Seminar Series: 7K

Midterm Review for further funding

from Becky:

"The report should address the status of your milestones as listed in yr statement of work. We would also like citations and copies of any publications from the project, and any presentations you have made, plus any news articles that have been released. I will also need a report on what you have spent yr money on."

OpenWetWare:iCampus grant/Midterm Review