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It is typical to have 3 specific aims on a grant application. This page will be used to compile a list of the possible specific aims, and then we can discuss which would be the best ones for OWW going forward.

Data Generation/Curation

Hooks to other large existing databases

You could imagine having easy access to dna viewing (a la registry), microarray data sets, et cetera. In this way, it would be easy to

Data Analysis

Semantic Web

Tools for independent communities (independent of OWW)


See OpenWetWare distribution page.

Decentralization of physical location

Wiki's are useful because they represent a breakthrough in decentralizing the contribution of information. One thing that would also be useful is decentralizing the physical location of the information. i.e. Enabling a federation of wiki's rather than one central wiki like OWW. Thus, there wouldn't be a a single point of failure for the information database (like there currently is with OWW). [Idea from Tom].

  1. An OpenWetWare distribution
  2. Tools for merging wiki's (as Austin did with the 2005 MIT iGEM wiki)
  3. Recent changes viewing across wiki's

Maintenance & Development of the Existing Community