OpenWetWare:Steering committee/Meeting - September 2006

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The OpenWetWare Steering Committee is charged with leading the future direction of OpenWetWare. The steering committee is open to all OWW members, and we are actively seeking participants. You can add yourself to the discuss mailing list.

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  • Time : 12-1pm EST, 9/14/06
  • Room : 32-262 (Stata center)



Finished Actions

  • Reddit - Producing own sub-reddit. Trial underway.
  • Highlights - Pam Silver (October)
  • BioSysBio - First abstract title deadline tomorrow. Sept 29 Abstract due.
    • Bot created to put templates into each page. Seems to be working, but people need familiarity with wiki.
    • Many issues; unsure about how it will work yet.
  • Edit Sidebar - How important is this?
  • Front Page - Too big?
    • 170KB+ size right now.
    • We need to bring our page to 100K total.
      • Austin can get script to embed into page to see how long the page takes to load for each visitor.
  • Infrastructure Strategy
    • Rackspace - professional web-custom company, reliable service. 100% up-time, etc. Great data center. OWW hosted here.
    • Swapping - Beginning of October.
  • Join OWW link - tabled.
  • Chris Surridge - Exec. Editor of PLoS One. October 20th, all day.

Action List

  • New Highlight! - Austin's Extensions
  • New Spotlight! - BioSysBio
  • phpBB - integration discussion board

OWW SC Goals

  • See goals.
  • Make a prioritized list on Community Portal that lists goals for community to discuss implementation.
  • One list on Community Portal and one list on SC to prioritize discussion topics.