OpenWetWare:Steering committee/Meeting - October 2006

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  • Last Month:
    • BioSysBio - done
    • Chris Surridge - Oct 20th 2pm. Sri finalizing poster. Plan to have lunch. E-mail coming soon.
      • Reshma suggests put Wilbank video on for advertisement of Chris Surridge talk.
      • Can we webcast live? $3,000 through MIT. Any other way?
    • Rackspace move - Site up now, not everything works. Missing wikitech, dewikify only. Link will be e-mailed out by Ilya and OWWSC will test it out before launch.
      • Need to announce launch time with downtime THIS WEEKEND!
    • subReddit - In the making.
      • Possibly look at other ways to do this.
      • Drupal - content management. Has voting. Look into it?
    • Highlights
      • Call out for those interested in science journalism. Join OWW community to post highlights.
  • This Month:
    • Discussions - Mailing list (now, short-term), Reddit integration (long-term)
    • BioSysBio - abstracts look really good! 100+ abstracts posted!
    • NIH supplemental - (extra money added by Peter Sorger) $50K, $80K with overhead. Must spend in 2007. Available now. We need Marketing, Infrustructure, Technical Support. Find someone outside OWW to look at what the bottleneck of growth would be. (See Digitas) Set up development team to find contacts to get money. Hire a fundraiser?
    • Postgenomic - agregate most popular talked-about papers.

Action Items

  • Call out for science journalists (John)
  • Austin Highlight (Everyone)
  • Set up e-mailing list for announce & discussion (Sri)
  • Discuss who to hire: Marketing, Infrustructure, or Technical Support (Everyone)


  • Jennyn 13:33, 12 October 2006 (EDT): I would love help with the Marketing/Fundraising side in any way that I can. Sorry I didn't mention it during the meeting, I'm still trying to figure out whether I should take on more exciting jobs and delay graduation, or drop everything and focus on school.