OpenWetWare:Steering committee/Meeting - November 2006

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From Last Month

  • Lecture with Chris Surridge done! If we want an OWW journal, piggy-back PLoSOne.
  • Server move done! We were Slashdot-ed. Double traffic.
  • Post Genomic - any page on OWW that uses Biblio ext with site will be in RSS feed.
  • Talked with Linda Miller (head of US Nature and peer-review trial) about how to get peer-review publishing. No problem with publishing information posted on OWW. Great if OWW becomes DOI. DSpace has DOI server.
    • Should be able to submit request to DOI page.
    • E-mail DSpace for possibly free DOIs.
  • Science Journalists Highlight up! Thanks Reshma!
  • Will have OWW SubReddit up soon!

This Month Discussion

  • Self-appointed editor: good idea or bad?
    • If we want to encourage this, we can outline guidelines.
    • Change name to "curators" instead of "author" or "editor" to keep info organized.
    • List of facilitators on each of the consensus protocol pages.

Action List

  • OWW discuss list (Sri)
  • Freelance journalists (Sri)
  • Need to have meeting for new-hiring (Jason)
  • OpenWetWare Directory (everyone)

Future Action Lists

  • Create structure for iGEM teams via templates.
  • Special pages
    • Forms to document protocols, reports for organization
    • Layer for additional annotation