OpenWetWare:Steering committee/Meeting - May 2008

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Review of April to do list

  • Action hours: Let's try to roll out action hour again but with a clearer idea of what we want to get out of it.
  • Recruitment and personal connections: Everyone who attended May meeting invite will invite 1 new person to attend the June meeting
  • Social Networking: Working with social networking companies... What feature is missing on OWW that any of these companies can offer? What tools do scientists need to be part of a social network? The hope is that they'll provide more collaboration between users.

Action item: John to look into Social Text.

  • user-friendly OWW Statistics: Look at MyExperiment ( for ideas?
  • make a list of "fun things new users can do" as well as a list of people to contact (Jason)
  • Viral marketing for Lab Notebook

Action item: Ricardo to do some connecting out in the blogosphere
Action item: Lorrie to come up with a blog posting schedule on OWW (to highlight new features on the site or other items of interest)

Presentation of Research Cycle

Action item: Committee members please add your ideas and comments, either via the talk page or via direct editing.

Action item: Lorrie to do a blog post highlighting the research cycle with the diagrams

Steering committee

To better reflect the community focus of OWW we're renaming our monthly meeting to the OpenWetWare Community Town Hall. Unless indicated, we intend to hold it on the first Wednesday of the month at noon.

How do we reinvigorate community leadership of OWW?

  • Publicize the meetings and invite new people to attend the meetings
  • revisit the committee chair structure. Barry suggested having two co-chairs for each committee to better distribute the work.

OWW collaboration with MyExperiment

Antoon talked briefly about and how their users exchange and retrieve protocols and use attribution to promote open science. Antoon is investigating how social networks and workflow context influence the way users retrieve information. He'd like to compare and contrast MyExperiment with OWW.

Action item: Bill to follow up with Antoon.