OpenWetWare:Steering committee/Meeting - January 2007

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  • Drew talked about requests from the NSF before they give final approval to the grant. We have since met and addressed the issues, and are in the process of submitting a revised budget.
  • We have piloted the subwiki program with a 3 labs (Maureen, Laub, Koch)
    • Sri was going to talk to the Sorger lab as well.
  • We talked about a possible job candidate for the NIH money, discussed the next steps which sri will work on.
  • Link was added to sign up for OWW discuss list to the new user email and getting started page, be sure to use the discuss list if you have any questions that would be of general interest.
  • Ilya added a weekly public dump of the OWW database (similar to how wikipedia does), so others can mine it/reuse.
  • We debated the private subwiki program and decided to make a decision at the next meeting as to whether we would offer it more broadly.
  • Drew suggested it might be nice to have a few defined positions in the SC so we could have officer reports (e.g. someone in charge of watching user statistics). We will outline possible roles for those positions and then decide if we want to create the positions at the next SC meeting.