OpenWetWare:Steering committee/Meeting - April 2008

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How to reignite the steering committee and get more people involved

  • Weekly action hour, Thursdays at 12Noon
  • Post notice on front page for each SC and action hour
  • Recruitment drive to get more people participating in the discuss list (or the new discussion forum). Goal: Double the number of members on the discuss list by... August 31?
  • Encourage personal connections between SC members and the community and between members of the community
  • Pay close attention to people signing up as users, and to people doing a lot of editing. Reach out to them individually.
  • Talk to SciLink; make a social network around OWW?
  • Initiate a discussion on the forum or discuss list of what kinds of tools scientists need to be part of a social network
  • come up with a user-friendly way of looking at OWW statistics
  • Focus of OWW over the next 6 months should be the promotion of open science and use of lab notebook
  • Some sort of viral publicity campaign centered around the new release of th Lab Notebook
    • Set up a blog posting schedule for a minimum of one publicity-oriented post about LN or other OWW features each week
    • Ricardo has contacts out in the blogosphere

Next month:

  • Talk about chairs and how to group different members around different areas
  • Each month, SC to come up with a samll, fun activity that can be picked up by a new member.
  • Lorrie: better organization of action items

At the root of it, we want to show people that they can be an active part of a community, and that being part of the community has tangible rewards.