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  • Time : 4-5pm EST, 3/6/06
  • Room : 32-262 (Stata center)

To Conference Call:

Audiobridge Phone No.: 617-452-5190 To participate in the meeting, call the above number at 4pm EST (or a couple minutes early so that you're ready to go when the meeting starts at 4pm). You should be connected in to the conference call. Apologies that this requires you to call in, but this is how the audiobridge system works at MIT.



  • Finances/iCampus: Jason Kelly
    • Account should be functional by this week. IP got cleared by MIT TLO 2/28, just waiting on MS approval.
    • Campus reception in Stata on March 9 from 11am-1pm, in the Kiva room (32-G449). A light lunch will be served.
  • Invitation

We would like to invite you to an iCampus reception on Thursday March 9,
from 11am-1pm, in the Stata Kiva room (32-G449). A light lunch will be
served.  We would like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation
of you, the PIs on the iCampus projects, as well as to share with you
some of the other research projects, with which you might not be familiar.

We have asked two of the PIs to make brief presentations. You will hear
about iDAT, from Ian Hunter, and the Classroom Learning Partner, from
Kimberle Koile.

I do hope you can join us. The presentations will begin at 11am, in
the Kiva Conference room (32-G449), followed by a light yet delicious
lunch, where we will be able to continue our discussion informally. We
will update you on the current status of iCampus, including our outreach
  • off campus UROPS will have payment set up soon.

Open Discussion


  • Software Development -- Alex will set up an audiobridge for Wed, 2pm meeting
  • Community Development
    • Ty will work on putting together poster
    • Jason will get postering of boston-area schools sorted out.
    • Mailing lists/departmental annoucements - Sri
    • How to digitize the video/slides - Sri
  • Highlights
  • User Experience/Data Management
  • Main page
  • Extensions
    • We should limit extensions if possible to avoid having to support/update them if they break with future Mediawiki versions.
  • OpenCourseWare meeting
  • Spanish OpenWetWare version
    • work out how to implement this best in Mediawiki
    • Mauricio Rodriguez will translate some major (synthetic biology) pages and work on recruiting more Spanish-speakers to the site.