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  • Friday, 1/6/06 : 1:00-2:00
  • Location: MIT, room 68-574


  1. Revised budget to match 18.5K (30K minus overhead)
    • Will need to allocate money prior to a review in March/April where we could recieve additional funding.
    • Current Budget (detailed):
      • UROPS: 12K
      • Advertising: 2K
      • Travel: 5K
      • Boston-area Tutorials: 1K
      • OWW Seminar Series: 10K
  2. Sub-committee leaders
  3. Sub-committee goals for IAP
    • Update the timeline, and specify tasks for each sub-committee to be accomplished before next meeting.
  4. Procedural
    • Meeting time/frequency
      • Lunch meetings, once or twice a month?
    • Email lists
      • Should admin/steering committee be same list?
  5. Open discussion

OpenWetWare steering committee/Suggestions


  1. Budget
    • The budget was revised:
      • UROPS: 7K
        • 2 Spring UROPs and a Summer UROP
      • Advertising: 2K
        • Artist to design materials (1K), mailings/business cards/etc (1K)
      • Travel: 2K
      • Boston-area Tutorials: 0.5K
      • OWW Seminar Series: 7K
  2. Sub-committee leaders
    • These will stay the same, except we split Community/Advertising into two seperate positions, Sri will remain as Community and Ty will be Advertising.
  3. Sub-committee goals for IAP
    • Finances:
      • get the budget approved by iCampus, set up the account (Jason Kelly)
    • Software Development:
    • Community Development:
      • Potential speaker list for open science seminar series (Sri Kosuri)
      • There was some debate over the usefulness of the seminar series, some reasons given in support were:
        1. Slide about OWW to be mentioned during introduction of the speaker
        2. Advertising via linking to videos of the seminar through the site.
        3. The speaker is forced to admit the existence of OWW
        4. Great speakers would be good educational experience and advance the overall goals of OWW of increasing openess in science.
      • Tutorial session for the MIT community (Jason Kelly)
        • Jeff suggested that we do a good job of this and video it. Then we can have a video presenation with slide show available for download for people wanting to find out about the site via the web.
    • Advertising
      • Look into hiring an artist to design logo, etc (Ty Thomson)
      • Advertisement before Biology Colloquim was suggested.
      • Presentation at BE or Biology Retreats.
    • User Experience/Data Management:(Jeff Gritton & Barry Canton)
      • Drew suggested we spend time developing a strategy to encourage the growth of 'back-end' users in order to ensure number of dedicated editors (quality-checkers) scales with the user base.
      • One suggestion was to build out the OpenWetWare:Community Portal, using wikipedia's community portal as an example.
      • Natalie suggested talking to the iGEM teams about their experience with the iGEM wiki, since there was a number of groups who didn't like it -- should be a good source of feedback for us. (Also, could use these contacts to recruit new labs to OWW)
  4. Procedural
    • Next meeting will be in ~2 weeks date/time TBA
    • Making new email lists
      • admin -- inquiries from public, requests for accounts, etc.
      • steering_committee -- discussion of back-end type stuff
      • announce -- annoucements list