OpenWetWare:Steering committee/Meeting - 1/26/06

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  • Thursday (not Friday), 1/26/06 : 1:00-2:00
  • Location: MIT, room 68-274


  1. Introductions
  2. Updates:
  3. Open Discussion


Some initial notes from the steering committee meeting, please edit.

  1. Due to technical difficulties, we weren't able to conference call everyone into the meeting. We profusely apologize for this and will try to do better next time. (And yes we are also aware of the irony that a bunch of grad students at MIT had trouble setting up a conference call :) ).
  2. Finances
    • Anybody is welcome to attend the meeting between all the new student-run iCampus projects on January 30, 2006 from 1-3 pm. Contact Jason for more information.
  3. Software
    • Alex received two responses thus far to the UROP ad. Conversations are ongoing about how one of those people might best contribute to OpenWetWare since he seeks to do it as part of an undergraduate thesis.
    • In case we need to advertise further, we should put an ad on the OpenWetWare front page.
  4. Community development
    • Sri is in the process of inviting people and is looking for more potential speakers.
  5. Advertisting
    • Jennifer Cook-Chrysos has agreed to do a logo, poster and color scheme for OpenWetWare. She may confer with Felice Fraenkel for ideas.
  6. User experience and data management
    • No responses have been received thus far to the UROP ad.
    • We may want to consider targeted advertising to people who might be interested in the position (i.e. posting at certain buildings at MIT and Harvard.
    • Sophia is chasing down some leads for potentially interested parties in anthropology.
    • In case we need to advertise further, we should put an ad on the OpenWetWare front page.
  7. Retaining active users
    • Encouraging current OpenWetWare users to participate should be a priority. Barry suggested starting a subcommittee on this issue.
    • John suggested a monthly email/wiki posted newsletter about what's going on with OpenWetWare.
  8. Conferences
    • John proposed organizing a student and postdoc conference via OpenWetWare. More discussion to occur next time.
  9. Next meeting
    • Danielle is going to post a wiki page with respect to scheduling our next meeting.