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UMS Deployment to production

Bill Flanagan 18:30, 2 October 2007 (EDT)Found bug related to a new user's full name

  • Currently there is no difference between the way a full name and a username are treated
  • New implementation did not honor this
    • user's full name was processed with a command to add/remove slashes
    • for some reason, this presented problems with names including a space
  • Code now handles full and usernames the same: no special treatment
    • This only caused a problems in the email message sent to approve or reject a new account

Bill Flanagan 18:30, 2 October 2007 (EDT)Still have an outstanding issue with the OpenWetWare: (portal) namespace

  • The namespace for OpenWetWare (2) does not return the document requsted
  • Workaround: put the document containing the new user template page in the main namespace
    • Old: OpenWetWare:UserDefaultContentText
    • New: UserDefaultContentText

==Bill Flanagan 11:10, 5 October 2007 (EDT)Fixed reported problems with UMS

  • Fixed bug reported by Ilya: the admin page link was dropped from the approval request email message sent to admins.
    • Variable name was wrong for retrieving the URL to the UMS admin page
  • Added a check to check an applicant's email address for uniqueness
    • Added a new method to the um_mediawiki class to search database for email address.
    • Error message generated if the name is already in use.
  • Created umsData class to allow apps easy access to UMS.
    • all UMS datatabase access functions (currently spread all over UMS) will eventually be migrated to this class
    • current methods include the following
      • show total number of pending applications in UMS
      • Show the most recent OWW members

Bill Flanagan 17:04, 9 October 2007 (CDT) UMS Upgrades complete (for now)

  • Email send now contains the new username with no spaces thus allowing the link to be clickable in all cases.
    • We can remove the line from the template that warns about it possibly happening since it no longer will happen
  • Fixed link in admin messages that pointed to the OWW main page rather than UMS page
  • Added RFC822 inner header to cut down on some (not all) bounces
    • X-Mailer: name of email app now set to the PHP version in use
    • Message-ID: canned message ID to identify message
    • Reply-To: same as from: address
  • Fixed problem with outbound messages to new members. Address was not being included.
    • I eliminated setting a variable that was being used to set new member's email address.
    • Upon fixing, I sent the missing email messages to the new members.
    • Multiple messages were sent due to a bug in my test program.
    • All messages did finally get sent successfully.
  • Fixed new member page bug: PHP variable name was being set in the page's summary rather than the value.
  • Eliminated the UMS_EMAIL variable for new member homepage generation.
  • Added email address uniqueness check for all new accounts.
    • created new method for the MediaWiki User class (User.php)
  • Created new UMS class to encapsulate all access to the ums_ data tables
    • currently limited to a subset of all queries
    • will eventually move all (current) SQL access to use this class
  • Created an RSS feed to view all new members
    • will detail in another page
  • Created method in the UMS class to generate a full name/email address list for all members