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Move OpenWetWare from Rackspace server to

Migration Issues

Rackspace Contact

  • Bill Flanagan 18:13, 2 October 2007 (EDT) Contact Rackspace re: the possibility of swapping IP addresses between ld and new server.
  • Bill Flanagan 18:13, 2 October 2007 (EDT) Rackspace Reply: They cannot move primary IP addresses between servers.
  • Fallback for switchover
    • Change the DNS config at Rackspace.

Modules to Test/verify

  • Bill Flanagan 18:13, 2 October 2007 (EDT) Compiled list of known items to be changed as part of the move
  • New sudo program: not standard RHEL 4.0 sudo.
  • Perl
  • PHP Pear modules
  • WikiTex
    • ChemTex
    • LaTex
    • Gnu Plot
    • readme file explains details
    • OpenID
      • Install the OpenID package in addition to the MEdiaWiki extension
    • Asterisk

Comments/To Do

    • Create shell script to automate the process
    • Set up a good DNS address to serve as a fallback if there is a migration problem
    • Use OpenWetWare:Feature Test as s smoke test to make sure all modules are working.
    • Setup a wld-card DNS domain to allow for testing of all applications
    • Asterisk is not a priority
    • If the WikiTex estenesion isn't working, don't hold up move
    • Scheduled for Saturday night (10:00 PM EST, Oct 6, 2007)

Installation Checklist

The idea is to have the OpenWetWare customizations separate from the MediaWiki software installation by placing them in two different directories (/data/web/openwetware and /data/web/mediawiki respectively) with appropriate symlinks setup between them.

  • Download the latest version of MediaWiki (downloading via SVN may be easier that using the tar file)
  • Change DocumentRoot in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf to /data/web/mediawiki
  • Create wiki folder in DocumentRoot:
$ sudo mkdir /data/web/mediawiki
  • Create a group that would have write access to the wiki folder:
$ sudo /usr/sbin/groupadd www
  • Change ownership of the folder:
$ sudo chown -R root:www /data/www/html/openwetware
$ sudo chmod -R g+ws /var/www/html/openwetware
  • Extract mediawiki code into wikifolder or follow SVN instructions
  • Make config folder writeable by the webserver for setup:
sudo chown apache ./config
  • Create a VirtualHost entry in Apache configuration file (/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf)
  • Visit your wiki site/config and answer configuration questions
    • Wiki name
    • License
    • DB user
    • Sysop account name (e.g., Administrator)
  • move LocalSettings.php from config folder to main wiki folder
sudo mv ./config/LocalSettings.php ./


  • Add extensions after require_once( "includes/DefaultSettings.php" );
  • Specify access rights (to be added)
  • To allow easier file uploads
$wgFileExtensions = array('png','gif','jpg','jpeg','ogg','doc','xls','ppt','sxc','pdf');
$wgStrictFileExtensions = false;
  • Warn if uploaded files are larger than this (use this to prevent default warning about uploads larger than 100k)
$wgUploadSizeWarning = 10485760;  #10M
  • To enable image uploads, make sure the 'images' directory is writable, then uncomment this:
$wgDisableUploads = false;
  • Top enable image manipulation:
$wgUseImageResize = true;
$wgUseImageMagick = true;
$wgImageMagickConvertCommand = "/usr/bin/convert";   # may need changing: /usr/X11R6/bin/convert
  • If you have the appropriate support software installed you can enable inline LaTeX equations:
$wgUseTeX           = true;
$wgMathPath         = "{$wgUploadPath}/math";
$wgMathDirectory    = "{$wgUploadDirectory}/math";
$wgTmpDirectory     = "{$wgUploadDirectory}/tmp";
  • To install LaTeX support (OCaml software package required):
cd ./math


  • time zone fix to use local time (if hwtime is set to UTC)
$wgLocalTZoffset = date("Z") / 3600;
  • custom wiki logo (upload the logo image and provide a path to it here)
$wgLogo = "$wgStylePath/common/images/newlogoname.jpg";
  • Copyright info
  • Google search
  • Wikitex


  • Disable interpretation of PHP in the upload directory (./images):
    • create .htaccess file and with the following two lines:
php_value engine off
AddType text/plain .html .htm .shtml
  • Set permissions
sudo chown -R root:wiki wikifolder
sudo chmod -R g+w wikifolder
find ./ -type d -exec chmod g+s '{}' \;
  • make config file read-only by the webserver, readable and writeable by wiki group and not accessible by anyone else (contains mysql user password)
sudo chown apache:wiki ./LocalSettings.php
sudo chmod 460 ./LocalSettings.php
  • make upload directory writeable by the webserver
sudo chown apache:wiki ./images
sudo chmod -R g+w ./images
sudo chown root:wiki ./images/.htaccess
  • create/move favicon.ico file in/to the wikifolder
  • add commands to daily backup script to dump the wiki database - IMPORTANT

Server-wide config

(to be done once per site)

  • You may wish to turn register_globals off, because some programs may be insecure using that mode. See for how to disable it.

File uploading

(maximum file size)


(changing this file requires Apache restart)

upload_max_filesize = <Number>M

where <Number> is the limit in MBytes.

post_max_size =<Number>M


(/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf for Apache2 on Linux)

LimitRequestBody 524288
  • Sometimes php.ini file is ignored by Apache; workaround in httpd.conf or /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf
PHPIniDir /usr/local/pkg/php-5.1.2/etc


This MediaWiki file has a hardcoded MAX_FILE_SIZE on the form that you may need to increase manually.

MySQL user privileges


Bill Flanagan 16:35, 9 October 2007 (CDT) Update: Server Move Complete. Follow-Up Issues

Merge log files

    • We've moved the log files to the new (neo) server from the old (old) one.
    • Save the log files to the new HTTPD log file directory
    • Make sure this week is handled appropriately (Saturday/Sunday case in particular)

Further isolate the OpenWetware apps in the /data directory

    • All PHP files will be included in /data

Make sure Rackspace does not interfere with the PHP configuration now working

    • We are not running the 'standard' PHP configuration
    • Talk to them re: how to handle it.
      • Do this before submitting trouble ticket.

Complete documentation of server move in the the wiki

    • Use notes from messages to Barry, Austin, and Ilya to do this
    • Document all required components in the Tex-related installation
    • Document the log-related actions (merge; above)
    • Document the PHP-related issues

Recompile the PHP binaries on the new server

    • Packages are still missing
    • Find and install them then finish the recompile

Complete script file to automate install

    • First get the PHP issues ironed out.
    • Test on