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Current State

  • De-supporting old chat application
  • Adding support for Jabber-based chat
  • OpenFire chat server already running
  • SparkFire chat client available
  • SparkFire web chat client available

OWW Discussion re: new chat client

Technology Options


  • Generally Requires external client
  • Can use a hosted web client
  • Jabber is the Basis of the emerging XMPP standard for point-to-point connected real-time apps

HTML/HTTP Browser++ Chat

  • Easy to use but server suffers with excessive load due to the division of the work load
    • example: former OWW php chat application
  • Javascript now is being used to push much of the load to the client
  • Flash also used to intelligently communicate
  • The best options are not open source
    • If you know of alternatives, let us know!
      • for HTTP client (alternative clients include Chatzilla); servers host an IRC daemon program.

3rd Party Hosted Chat

  • Few of them are free!
  • Most hosted clients that are close to free lack integration features with OWW
    • No single-signon available with many: your OWW user name will not always appear in the chat unles you reset it each time you use it.
  • Ad-sponsorship makes use of some of these is problematic.
  • See Sandbox for a demo of embedded Meebo rooms