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Lab Notebook

  1. Recruit 3 trial users of the Lab Notebook
    • Hold a demo meeting to demonstrate how to use.
    • Give demo to Lorrie so she can work on the help documentation.
    • Debug lab notebook stuff as it comes up with the new users.
  2. Add "search your lab notebook" feature
    • Use Austin's suggestion
  3. Support for Group Lab Notebooks (late suggestion, view this as research item)

System Administration

  1. Move OWW server to new hardware supporting Red Hat Enterprise Server 5
    • Currently running Red Hat Enterprise Server 4
  2. Complete migration to MediaWiki 1.11 (MW1.11)
  3. Install Semantic MW on
    • Concerns over Semantic MW 1.9 version (smoother on MW1.11)
    • Verify that incompatibility before FCKEditor extension and Semantic MW has been fixed.

User Interface

  1. Install the FCKEditor
    • Requires MW1.11
    • Notify Steering Committee
    • Solicit input.
  2. Add "search from here" feature

Community Features

  1. Add configurable header text to the Feedback tag.
    • The text will appear in the MediaWiki: namespace
  2. Per SC meeting, evaluate a "who's online" display
    • Basing work on an existing extension.

Research items

  • Streamlined image upload
    • Evaluate new MW1.11 Image support.
      • May differ in implementation than MW1.9
  • Filename conflict resolution
    • Investigate providing a way for users to see filenames minus any disambiguation tagging.
    • Other users will see the full name.
    • Evaluate in light of the MW1.11 Image programming model change.
  • Look into the Site Notice extension once more.
    • Did not work for redirect pages.
    • Investigate removing specific pages including redirects before adding the header.
  • Filter spam associated with the Feedback extension.
    • Follow Austin's suggestions re: screening all addresses.


  • wjf 02:39, 17 February 2008 (CST):PageNotice Extension now should correctly work with all dewikified exports of pages for labs, etc.
    • The extension now produces all headers and footers bracketed with tags that will suppress the contents of the tags from showing up inside of dewikified pages.
    • The changes have been applied and now await testing.
  • wjf 13:13, 19 February 2008 (EST):The PageNotice.php extenson now checks for redirect pages. The software now returns if the current page is a redirect page. In the past, the extension would write into the page if a header or footer was present, thus breaking redirects.

  • wjf 02:39, 17 February 2008 (CST):Feedback Page title and banners can be modified via the standard editor user interface.
    • wjf 02:39, 17 February 2008 (CST):The existing Google search interface needs to be folded back into the SpecialSearch page.