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Dynamic Page List Extension

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wiki is the homeplace of two powerful MediaWiki extensions developed and maintained by Gero Scholz.

Dynamic Page List   --   [History|1.5.3]


DPL is a report generator for MediaWikis.
It creates lists of articles that match certain criteria. Meta data like author, popularity or date of last update can be added. Contents from articles can be included in the result, based on chapters, templates or special markers in the text.

Wgraph is a graph generator for MediaWikis.
It allows you to define the semantics of a graph in an abstract textual notation called WGL (Wiki Graph Language). You may add hints for layout, but the graph itself is being produced automatically. Wgraph is a powerful visualisation instrument for objects and their relations.

{{#wgraph: svg | thumb = 50 |

 node wgl         { type data     label "text notation\n-- WGL --" }
 edge wgl wgraph  { kind rightnear color red }
 node wgraph      { type process  label "Wgraph\nmediawiki extension" }
 edge wgraph gdl  { }
 node gdl         { type data     label "graph definition\n-- GDL --" }
 edge gdl aisee   { }
 node aisee       { type process  label "aiSee\nlayout generator" }
 edge aisee img   { kind leftnear }
 node img         { type data     label "image\n-- png, svg --" 
                    shape hexagon }
 nodetype data    { shape ellipse, color lightyellow,
                    bordercolor khaki, height 60 }
 nodetype process { shape box color lightmagenta 
                    bordercolor magenta height 60 }
 xspace=70, yspace=120


  • Both extensions are under GPL license. Test them here live! There is extensive documentation, see the online manuals. You can [[1]] the sources.
  • Apart from DPL and Wgraph there are some minor extensions like Call and an improved versions of existing extensions named Inputbox and StripMarkup which may be useful. See the navigation bar. We also host the StackFunctions extension.
  • There are plenty of examples, which can serve as a starting point for your own ideas. There is a small calendar application (built with DPL) which you can use and enhance.
  • There is a place where you can report bugs and request new features. If you use the extensions, please leave a reference to your wiki!

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